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Mík was founded and is run by Australian Biomechanical Podiatrist, Mick Habgood (BSc BAppSc MChS) with the primary goal of creating the finest fully customised foot orthotics for cycling in the world.

Having worked with very closely with multiple gold medal-winning Olympic track cycling athletes, Tour de France riders, and World Championship winning cyclists, Mick has always seen first-hand the potentially huge performance and comfort gains by locking the foot in its best position. These athletes’ winning mentality has been a key ingredient in the development of the orthotic design and material choices to ensure each rider, regardless of their ability, is wearing the absolute best orthotic custom-designed to each of their foot’s needs.

Over the years, Mick has continued to speak alongside world-renowned specialists from the cycling and sports medicine community at cycling symposiums, taught at bike fitting workshops, and travelled the world with professional teams to take part in their annual training and biomechanical testing camps.

About Mick
About Mick
Mick working

Even though cycling is Mick’s passion, his career originated through skiing. Straight off the boat from Australia, he worked for 4 ski seasons as the in-house Biomechanical Podiatrist for one of the UK’s biggest ski retailers. This forced him to think outside the box and develop the protocol for improving foot function and performance within the ski boot. The similar foot function experienced in cycling to skiing is the simple reason he’s focusing on what he loves doing today.

In the most recent years, Mick has worked with Team GB Cycling and Para-Cycling squads, athletes from British Sprint Kayaking, the Long-Track Japanese Olympic Cycling team as well as athletes from Team Dimension Data, Team Sky/Ineos, BMC Racing, Team Wiggins & the new Trinity Racing team to name a few.

Favourite ride:
Anywhere in the Basque Country in Northern Spain. This has become his home away from home.

Favourite bike:
Trek Emonda. It’s mega stiff and lightweight with beautiful construction and just makes sense where he lives. However, if you’re going to go purely for style and simplicity, then his trusty Tokyo Bike is never too far away.

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